The GGAA and LRG Research Network meetings are currently underway in Melbourne, Australia (14-20 February 2016). See details below.

1. Sixth Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture (GGAA) conference 14-18 February 2016


The GGAA  is the world’s premier event on livestock emissions research and it will meet consecutively with the Livestock Research Group (LRG) in Australia, bringing together the global research community of livestock emissions experts – the third GGAA to incorporate an LRG meeting. The last GGAA was held in Ireland in 2013 and previous events have been held in Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan.

The conference programme is jam-packed with talks, workshops and poster presentations of core interest to the LRG (and in many instances featuring familiar faces). A few such examples include:


Saturday/Sunday 13-14 February

  • A workshop on ‘Metabolic gases and the GreenFeed system’, sponsored by C-Lock

Monday 15 February

  • Pierre Gerber (World Bank, formerly FAO) discussing the policy challenges of balancing food security and GHG mitigation
  • The LRG’s own Martin Scholten (Wageningen, Netherlands) presenting on international initiatives in support of agricultural GHG mitigation
  • Greg Cook (New Zealand) explaining a pharmaceutical approach to methane inhibitors (relating to a GRA project supported by the New Zealand Government via its Global Partnership on Livestock Emissions Research fund)
  • Mark Powell, the US LRG representative, discussing GHG emissions from different dairy barnyard surfaces

Tuesday 16 February

  • Jean-Francois Soussana, co-chair of the GRA’s new Integrative Research Group, sharing an update on the AgMIP/ GRA model inter-comparison

Thursday 18 February

  • Bill Kelly from New Zealand presenting on a flagship LRG project, the ‘Hungate 1000’
  • Ben Henderson (CSIRO, Australia) presenting on the GHG mitigation potential of grazing lands via modeling soil carbon and nitrogen fluxes of mitigation practices
  • Last but very definitely not least, Harry Clark, LRG co-chair (NZAGRC, New Zealand), discussing how much livestock actually contributes to global warming

We are also anticipating presentations from some of the LRG’s networks, including Alex Hristov and Jan Dijkstra from the Feed & Nutrition Network, Jamie Newbold of the Rumen Microbial Genomics Network and Dave Chadwick of the Manure Management Network.

2. Eighth Livestock Research Group meeting, 19-20 February 2016


LRGThe GGAA and the LRG have been closely associated over the years, with the LRG making the most of the GGAA’s global gathering of scientists to meet in its margins. The 2016 GGAA is no exception, with an LRG meeting hosted by the Australian Government on February 19-20 and various meetings of the LRG’s research networks taking place in the margins (see text box).

The LRG meeting will focus on advancing several opportunities during 2016 including:

  • Celebrating the success of the LRG: identifying new ways and strengthening existing ways to promote the LRG and its activities
  • Resourcing: facilitating the LRG’s involvement (via its research networks) in the upcoming ERA-GAS funding round •
  • Capability: capturing the benefits of productivity on emissions intensity including identifying training needs and options for advanced inventories
  • Partnerships: identifying practical ways to continue strengthening the LRG’s relationships with key partners

The LRG meeting will also incorporate a joint session with the co-chairs of the GRA’s new ‘Integrative Research Group’. This group is a merger of the GRA’s previous two cross-cutting groups (Soil Carbon & Nitrogen Cycling, and Inventories & Monitoring), which was agreed at the Council meeting in September 2015. This will be the first opportunity for the Integrative Research Group Co-Chairs to meet together and they will be finalising the group’s structure and organisation as well as identifying opportunities to collaborate on activities with the Livestock Research Group.

LRG Networks Meetings

Sunday 14 February:

  • Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics Network meeting (see the ASGGN website)
  • Manure Management Network meeting (email the network coordinators)

Tuesday 16 February:

  • Joint meeting of all the research networks, picking up on progress since the last joint meeting in June 2015 (see here)

Thursday 18 February:

  • Feed & Nutrition Network meeting (email the network coordinator)


Follow updates of the meetings on Twitter @GRA_GHG

article credit: LRG Newletter, December 2015