FONTAGRO Knowledge Week will present the experiences and progress of research and innovation in Family Farming and Rural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as disseminating and showcasing the actions of research institutes, NGOs, farmers organizations, companies, universities, and others actors co-financed by FONTAGRO’s projects.

The event will be held over three days (27th July – 29th July 2020) in one-and-a-half hour sessions, in a virtual format with simultaneous translation into English. Each project leader will speak about the progress made in the implementation and results of the projects, based on the Webstory.

The opening session is a presentation on Agriculture in Uruguay and the INIA Strategy 2030. The themes to be presented on the first day relate to the phytosanitary management of potatoes and livestock in South America. In this block, researchers from INIA of Chile, INIA of Uruguay and INTA of Argentina will participate as speakers.

The second session will focus on the themes of family agriculture and markets which will be presented by researchers representing INTA of Argentina, Universidad de la Pampa of Argentina, and CIRNMA of Peru.

The last session consists of themes on the Andean Region and the Caribbean, along with themes related to increasing productivity and generating technological innovation in relation to problems such as heavy metal contamination and carbon emissions. In this session, the speakers are researchers from Agrosavia of Colombia, the National University of Colombia, IDIAF of the Dominican Republic, Fedearroz of Colombia, ESPOL of Ecuador.