The first meeting of the Mediterranean Action and Adaptation to Climate Change in Livestock Sector (MLN) is approaching.

The meeting will be held on 20th July 2016 at Bella (PZ), Italy, at the “Unità di ricerca per la Zootecnia Estensiva (ZOE)” of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) – visit www.entecra.it.

Objectives of the meeting are to define:

  1. scopes of MLN;
  2. activities of MLN;
  3. projects of MLN and financial sources.

Participants are expected to present their experience in the Mediterranean agricultural-livestock systems, considering that MLN is an initiative of the Livestock Research Group (LRG) of the Global Research Alliance (GRA) and that the main areas of interest of  MLN are:

  1. Water resources and quality. Livestock require considerable amounts of water for drinking and cleaning. Water is also essential for growing feed crops or grazing. With their manures or with pesticides or fertilizers used for feed production, they can affect water quality and availability. An interdisciplinary approach is necessary to develop strategies for reduce water consumption and mitigate effects of climate change on livestock sector.
  2. Mycotoxins. High temperatures and prolonged drought periods are favorable of mycotoxin contamination which are a hazard for consumers and for animals too, in some cases. The economic damage can be considerable for feed and animal products. Efforts are required to have more tolerant crops, to develop sustainable strategies of defense from parasites, to improve methods of conservation and to develop feeding strategies to face up breakouts.
  3. Good practices throughout the production chain. Improvement of efficiency is key element to sustainability of livestock sectors. It allows to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and of pollutants into air or water and to save unrenewable resources.  Good practices have to be applied and, in some circumstances, adapted to the particular environments and production systems of Mediterranean countries.

In the first meeting proposals for application of a COST project at the next call at the end of 2016 will be expected.

CREA-ZOE gracefully guaranties a financial support for meals of attenders. It also makes available 10 rooms free in the lodge, which are reserved to young scientists which are in temporary position and for all attenders from abroad.

For registration, please fill in the attached form.

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Registration form is to be forwarded to [email protected], which will give you all information regarding traveling and venue.CREA