February 14, 2014   •   Events

14/03/2014 - 21/03/2014

Paris, France

The first collaborative workshop “Model intercomparison on agricultural GHG emissions” took place from 19-21 March 2014 at Paris INRA Center, France. The event was organized by the Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling (Soil C-N) Cross-Cutting Group. It comes after a workshop organized by the GRA Cropland Research Group on N2O emissions: “Experimental databases and models of N2O emissions from croplands: do we have what is needed to explore mitigation options?” (https://colloque.inra.fr/workshop_gra_jpi_facce_eng)

The workshop was attended by 70 participants from 15 Alliance member countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA) and 2 non-member countries (India and Poland). It gathered scientists from various GRA Research groups (Croplands, Livestock &Paddy Rice groups), projects and initiatives related to the common topic of agricultural GHG modeling. The workshop was chaired by France (Dr Jean-François Soussana, INRA) as Co-Chair of the Soil CN group, and co-chaired by the representatives of the international co-joined projects.

The main objective of the workshop was to launch a coordinated activity across projects and within the GRA, in order to benchmark and intercompare simulation models aiming at simulating GHG emissions and removals from arable crops and from grasslands. Prior to the workshop, a pilot blind test was coordinated by the Soil CN group, involving international modelers and experimental sites. First results are presented at the workshop. Download the objectives and agenda for the workshop here.