February 9, 2012   •   Events

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A second regional technical capability building workshop took place in Thailand, March 14-16 2012. The workshop was for the South East Asian region and aimed to develop a better understanding of the diversity of livestock management systems in the region, the greenhouse gas emissions and the special characteristics of those systems. Four countries from south-east Asia participated in the workshop: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Viet Nam.

The workshop showcased existing research programmes; documented critical data, knowledge and capability gaps; and identified activities that would help enhance the region’s ability to measure, monitor and develop options to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems in a sustainable manner. A key goal of the workshop was to identify opportunities for future collaboration and capacity building activities in livestock mitigation research across South-East Asia countries. An agenda and the presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here.

The workshop participants identified and agreed a set of four activities that would help build regional capacity and advance knowledge on emissions and mitigation options. More details about the activities and the next steps to support their potential implementation can be found here.