December 9, 2012   •   Events

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The governments of Ghana, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and New Zealand were the joint hosts of a three day workshop on measurement and inventory of agricultural greenhouse gases in African farming systems, 19-21 November 2012 in Accra, Ghana.  Forty participants representing Government, national research institutes, universities and invited CCAFS researchers attended the workshop. African country participants attending the workshop were from: Benin, Burkino Faso, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, South Africa, Togo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Discussions during the workshop focussed on:

a) Developing a common understanding of production systems that represent regional practices and existing activity data. Identifying crucial areas within those production systems where region/country-specific emission factors should be developed via measurements, with the longer-term goal of undertaking priority measurements across the region to improve national inventories.  Identifying critical needs for measurement guidance and methodologies.
b) Improving data exchange and knowledge sharing on improved production practices, environmental sustainability, and resilient and resource efficient farming systems

Over the three days of the workshop, participants identified a series of outcomes and next steps for continuing discussions on agricultural measurement and mitigation opportunities for Africa.  Activities were considered in three key categories:

1. Developing a scientific network to improve emission factors and activity data bringing existing networks together to improve communications across the region;
2. Improving links between science and policy to transfer knowledge and develop feedback loops between science and governments, industry and the private sector;
3. Training and capacity building on measurement techniques to improve emission factors.