The JPI Chairs welcome a dialogue to discuss thematic priorities and the role of JPIs in achieving European goals
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FACCE-JPI Newsletter, June 2016


The JPI Chairs welcome a formal dialogue to discuss thematic priorities and the role of JPIs in achieving European goals

The 10 Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Chairs have prepared a joint statement following the JPI evaluation report published in March 2016. The JPI Chairs recognise that beyond the considerable progress accomplished in the JPIs, barriers still need to be removed in order to deliver impact on the respective Grand Societal Challenges.

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FACCE-JPI Knowledge Network of Sustainable Intensification started its work

The Knowledge Network of Sustainable Intensification (KNSI) will begin with mapping and defining the area of work as well as discussing the roles and ways of working. The network started its work in the kick-off meeting held on June 3rd, 2016 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The KNSI brings together research institutes, policy makers, funders, and other relevant stakeholders. Its ambition is to create a strong expert community across Europe, and beyond, and to identify opportunities for working more closely together.

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FACCE SURPLUS identified new activities 

FACCE SURPLUS (Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture for Food and Non-food Systems) organized a scoping workshop in Ghent. The aim of the workshop was to address the FACCE-JPI priority “Explore and exploit refinery concepts for the multiple use of biomass under climate change, taking economic and environmental implications into account” and define future FACCE SURPLUS joint activities. The fruitful discussions led to the identification of four activities to be implemented by FACCE SURPLUS or FACCE-JPI. 

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FACCE-JPI prepares an ERA-Net cofund on Sustainable Crop Production

SusCrop is a Sustainable Crop Production ERA-NET Cofund to be proposed to the European Commission in 2016.The scope is to pool resources and know-how to develop and test solutions for sustainable crop production, including areas such as breeding, nutrient recycling and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, plant health and protection, management practices and the added value of agricultural products.SusCrop will contribute to implementing FACCE-JPI's Strategic Research Agenda.

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Calls for proposals


FACCE-Water Joint call: 197 pre-proposals submitted

The FACCE-JPI and JPI Water 2016 Joint Call closed with 197 pre-proposals submitted. The eligibility check and step 1 evaluation are underway. A notification of outcomes and invitations to submit full proposals is expected by mid July 2016. The full proposals submission deadline is 15 September 2016.

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ERA-GAS call closed: 28 proposals submitted

The ERA-Gas call for transnational research projects on monitoring & mitigation of Greenhouse gases from agri- and silvi-culture closed on May 3rd, 2016. 28 pre-proposals with 169 partners were submitted. ERA-GAS will communicate the outcome of the eligibility check and the evaluation of the pre-proposals to the research project coordinators by October 14th, 2016.

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SUSFOOD 2 prepares to launch the first call

After positive evaluation, the European Commission has invited the SUSFOOD 2 consortium to start its five-year work as an ERA-Net Cofund. The 25 consortium partners from 15 countries, plus international partner New Zealand and associated partners, will continue and strengthen efforts to support research in the field of Sustainable food production and consumption.
A first call for research projects is planned at end of 2016. Emphasis is laid on fruitful collaboration with other related initiatives.

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FACCE-JPI meetings and events



Workshop: Three JPIs join their forces on food and nutrition security

The JPIs FACCE, HDHL and Oceans are organising a second workshop on the 1st of July in Brussels on the topic of Food and Nutrition Security. The aim of this workshop is to explore the role of the three JPIs and possible collaboration between them on the topic. The first workshop was organised on the 11th of April.

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FACCE SURPLUS Kick-off, 13-15 September 2016 at Aarhus University, Denmark

The FACCE SURPLUS Kick-off meeting will be held back to back with an international bioeconomy seminar on 13-15 September 2016. At the meeting, the 14 research projects funded within the new ERA-Net Cofund call will be presented with special emphasis on the research which will be performed and expected outputs and impact.

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Workshop on climate change induced transformation of farming systems, 19–20 October 2016, Bonn

The FACCE-JPI Cluster 2 workshop will explore how models and modelling activities can contribute to integrate existing knowledge and how research can fulfil the needs of decision-makers at national and European level. The focus will be in the identification of policy instruments which enable adaptation strategies for the agricultural sector. Representatives from farming, industry, research, policy making, and NGOs are invited to participate in the workshop. 

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Joint meeting for GB, SAB and StAB in December

FACCE-JPI Governing Board, Scientific Advisory Board and Stakeholder Advisory Board will hold a joint meeting in Berlin on the 1st of December 2016. All boards will also hold their respective meetings back to back with the joint session.

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