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December 19, 2017   •   News

A new impact investment fund, with a target of 100 million euros, aims at improving the lives of 2 million people and avoiding the emissions of up to 25 million tons of CO2 over a 20-year span. Officially launched on 11 December 2017, the fund was announced a day before the One Planet Summit in Paris.
The 8 companies investing in this new fund have been committed in the first Livelihoods Carbon Fund since 2011. Now, they are aiming to increase the scale and the number of projects which fight climate change by restoring ecosystems which provide vital resources to the most vulnerable populations.

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December 19, 2017   •   News

An opportunity has arisen for a ‘Technical Expert on soil carbon stock changes’ to work with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome, Italy for 12 months. The application deadline is 27 December 2017

The successful candidate will support the implementation of LEAP guidelines on soil carbon stock changes in the Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) and its open version GLEAM-i. In particular the consultant will:

  • review the GLEAM modelling framework and database and identify data needs and gaps
  • identify most relevant data sources and revise existing datasets in view of LEAP guidelines and latest science for estimating soil organic carbon (SOC) stock changes in global grasslands and rangelands
  • work directly with the GIS modellers to improve the modelling framework to incorporate assessment of SOC stock change in global grasslands
  • lead the validation of model outputs, uncertainty analysis
  • translate the framework into the interactive and open version of the model GLEAM-i
  • oversee the proper documentation of the modelling approach
  • liaise with experts and other partners for the continuous improvement of potential additional information and parameters
  • provide feedback to LEAP TAG leaders
  • contribute to publications
  • any other duties as required

The key functions of the experts to support the road-testing and dissemination of LEAP products will be to:

  • provide technical support to organizations and stakeholders engaged in the road-testing of LEAP guidelines
  • prepare data collection sheets and preparatory technical material for road testing
  • conduct life cycle assessments and complementary environmental assessments according to LEAP guidelines
  • ensure that feedback from road-testers of LEAP guidelines is delivered in a structured manner
  • contribute to preparation of communication material on LEAP activities and products such as newsletter, articles, policy briefs and brochures
  • assist in revising the LEAP guidelines according to the feedback received from road testing
  • facilitate development of LEAP environmental assessment tools
  • assist in the organization of LEAP events
  • any other duties as required

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December 19, 2017   •   News

A Global Soil Organic Carbon Map has been released by the Intergovernmental Technical Panel of the Global Soil Partnership at this year’s World Soil Day, by our Partner the Food & Agriculture Organisation.

The map, based on data from 110 countries, is designed to provide users with information to help monitor soil condition, identify degraded areas, set restoration targets, explore SOC sequestration potentials, support greenhouse gas emission reporting under the UNFCCC, and make evidence-based decisions to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

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