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October 14, 2019   •   News

The next Plenary Meeting of the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership is taking place on Monday, 21 October, from 13:00 to 17:00, at FAO headquarters. Coinciding with the launch of the Phase 3 of the Partnership, A leap towards low carbon livestock will bring together representatives from member states, private sector, NGOs, civil society, academia and research, to explore pathways to a sustainable future of livestock production through low carbon systems.

The event will provide the opportunity to discuss on multiple pathways for sustainable livestock production, with special focus on FAO LEAP guidelines and how they contribute to address trade-offs between productivity, climate change mitigation and food security.

October 9, 2019   •   News

The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) in collaboration with the Basque Centre For Climate Change (BC3) are offering a 3-year scholarship to pursue a PhD thesis in the field of “Modelling of Sustainable Dairy Production Systems for Key European Areas”.

They are looking for a motivated skilled candidate to join their dynamic research team.

You can read more about this role and the application process here.