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November 9, 2018   •   News

The course is suitable for PhD students and professionals exploring the environmental consequences of (innovations in) livestock production systems. The aim of the course is to provide advanced knowledge on, and discuss latest insights in (tools to assess) these consequences. This inspiring program will have various speakers from different countries and institutes coming over to contribute to the course.

Deadline for registration is 28 January 2019.

For registration and further questions you can contact [email protected]

November 6, 2018   •   News

Advanced course on Livestock and Climate Change: Assessment of Emissions, mitigation options and adaption strategies.


What this course can offer you:

  1. Better understand the sources and drivers controlling GHG emissions from livestock systems.
  2. Have a holistic view of available tools to support informed decision making.
  3. Acquire a critical perspective on mitigation and adaptation strategies and their socioeconomic assessment.
  4. Gain hands-on experience working on real case studies in Mediterranean conditions.
  5. Connect and network with professionals from other countries involved in the management of the environmental consequences of livestock farming in a context of climate change.
November 2, 2018   •   News

The ‘International Conference on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Food Security – Connecting Research Policy & Practice’ focused on agricultural GHG emission reduction in light of climate change, sustainable agriculture, and food security. The conference was held on the 10-13th September 2018 in Berlin, Germany.


The conference outcome was summarised by:

  • Hayden Montgomery (GRA Special Representative)
  • Hartmut Stalb (Chair of FACCE – JPI)
  • Bruce Campbell (CCAFS & CGIAR Representative); and
  • Lini Wollenberg (Flagship Leader of Low Emissions Development at CCAFS (USA))

To learn more about the conference click here for the final summary slides.

Alternatively, click here to view the AgriGHG conference video.