The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases is a tremendous opportunity to be part of an initiative that is bringing together the world’s best in agricultural greenhouse gas emissions research and mitigation technologies and practices.

Climate change cannot be tackled by any country or research institution working alone.

The GRA was launched in December 2009 and continues to grow in membership, with more than 60 countries from all regions of the world. The GRA also partners with key international and regional organisations responsible for the dissemination of knowledge to policy makers, the science community and farming leaders.

The GRA at a Glance

There are currently 68 member countries. Please scroll around the map below to discover.

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To visit the web pages of each Alliance Member country and learn more about the activities that they are involved in, select the country you are interested in on the map.

The Council

The GRA Council is responsible for the governance of the GRA and its activities and is composed of:

  1. The GRA Council Chair and Vice-Chair, nominated on an annual rotating basis from the GRA membership;
  2. The nominated representative from each Member country (at senior official level from the responsible government agency);
  3. The key contact person from each GRA Partner organisation;
  4. The Co-Chairs of the GRA Research Groups; and
  5. The GRA Special Representative and Secretariat.

The structure of the GRA is explained in the following diagram:

Research Groups

The four Research Groups are central to the GRA. They carry out the work plan of the GRA by identifying opportunities, improving knowledge and sharing results. Much of the Research Groups’ work relies on experts working across boundaries to advance collective knowledge. To support this goal, each Research Group supports Networks that focus on specific aspects of emissions research.

The Research Groups aim to deepen and broaden mitigation research efforts across the following four groups:


The GRA recognises the wealth of work happening in and outside of governments around the world on increasing research cooperation and investment in mitigation practises and technologies to develop more efficient and productive agricultural systems. The GRA provides a framework to bring this work closer together through the creation of formal partnerships with other relevant organisations. These partnerships are intended to help ensure maximum efficiency of the global research effort and to create a greater ability to identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration both within and outside the GRA.

Partner organisations have been identified for their expertise, scope of work and capacity to support efforts to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration by improving the efficiency and productivity of agricultural systems. Partnerships are established by invitation from the GRA Council. If your organisation is interested in being a Partner of the GRA, please contact us.

The following organisations are official Partners of the Alliance:


Our Affiliates include representatives from countries which are Members, along with invited experts who participate in our Networks.