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22/06/2021 - 23/06/2021


Workshop registration

Registration for the online kick-off workshop “Circular Food Systems: regional opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions” of the Circular Food Systems Network (CFSN) is now open. Further information and the link to register can be found here. The CFSN is part of the Global Research Alliance under the Integrative Research Group, and is a growing group of international researchers and policy-makers working on exploring opportunities for GHG emissions mitigation by circularity in food systems.

The call for abstracts for the online kick-off workshop is still open, and people are invited to write an abstract about aspects of circular food systems in a country or region. Abstracts can be selected for elaboration in presentations during the workshop and will be the basis for developing joint case studies to advance CFS research. You can still submit an abstract until the 30th of April. More information on the call for abstracts can be found here

Held online on the 22nd and 23rd of June, the workshop will consist of a plenary session on the first day and ‘time zone workshops’ on the second day.

Tuesday June 22nd, 3 hours online session

  • Welcome & introduction of the CFS network
  • Circular Food Systems: opportunities for GHG mitigation and beyond
  • CFS around the world
  • Working session: finding common ground

Wednesday June 23rd, 3 online ‘time-zone’ workshops

Three similar workshops will be organised in different time zones: South/North America, Africa/Europe and Asia/Oceania. Participants can choose which session to attend and are welcome to attend multiple or all workshops. See the workshop’s webpage for exact times (linked in the first paragraph).