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International Research Symposium on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation From Research to Implementation

October 21 @ 8:00 am October 23 @ 5:00 pm CEST

About the event
The event will bring together researchers and relevant stakeholders from all over the world to discuss options for climate change mitigation measures, their implementation and win-win solutions for scaling up climate action in agriculture, with particular attention to the Global South. We want to discuss possible roadmaps to increase ambition for climate mitigation in agriculture, ways to improve science-policy communication, future work under the Global Research Alliance of Agricultural Greenhouse Gas mitigation as well as specific research topics with high potential for implementation. Specific topics to be addressed include:

Tracking and reporting of GHG emissions
(1) Novel approaches for MRV and potentials for remote sensing and AI modelling
(2) GHG monitoring (tools) on product, farm or value chain level Mitigation measures
(3) Innovations and technology options for emission reduction (N2O and CH4)
(4) Changes to farm systems and land management (intensification, de-intensification, organic, etc.)
(5) Increased carbon sequestration on agricultural land (soil carbon, agroforestry)
(6) Costs of mitigation measures and implementation Policy instruments and implementation
(7) National policies to address agricultural GHG emissions
(8) Carbon markets, prices and other market-based options
(9) Environmental and socioeconomic effects of climate finance
(10)Approaches for sustainable food consumption (low-emission diet, alternative proteins, food loss & waste)
(11)Meeting 2050 targets and net zero pathways (with due attention on food security, gender and inclusion)
(12) Low-emission development strategies in agricultural food systems 21-23 October 2024 in Berlin, Germany

The event will foster international exchange on the implementation of climate mitigation measures in agriculture, set new priorities and ideas for research cooperation and give new impetus to existing and emerging network activities.

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