Animal Selection, Genetics & Genomics Meeting, Feb 2018

The Animal Selection, Genetics & Genomics Network (ASGGN) of the Livestock Research Group held an event at the Aotea centre in Auckland on 11th February 2018, chaired by Jan Lassen and Suzanne Rowe. Discussions were held between international groups working in methane measures, residual feed efficiency (RFI) and prediction from microbiomes. Presentations on RFI were given by Tricia Johnson on sheep (AgResearch) and Elly Navajas on beef cattle (INIA). Sharon Hickey (AgResearch) discussed the challenges of handling methane measures for genetic analyses. Yvette de Haas (Wageningen) provided an overview of the work completed within the recent Methagene programme. There was also a presentation from Melanie Hess on advances in microbial sequencing and from Filippo Miglior on work being funded by Genome Canada across sheep and cattle in RFI, methane and microbial sequencing. An attendee list will be made available on the ASGGN website. It was agreed that Suzanne Rowe would take on the chair from Jan Lassen and that Luiz Brito would be vice chair for the network with help from Nicolas Gengler. Potential choices for upcoming international meetings were identified as the EAAP in August 2018 and the GGAA conference to be held in Brazil in 2019.