White Paper: “Circular Food Systems around the world: exploring concepts, ideas and opportunities”

Bonilla Cedrez C., Andeweg K., Casu F.A.M, 2023. Circular Food Systems around the world: exploring concepts, ideas and opportunities; Wageningen Livestock Research, Public Report.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18174/638397 (or download via the link in the right hand side panel)

The Circular Food Systems (CFS) Network is a network under the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases and was launched in 2021. The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality provided funding to support the CFS Network, as focus of the Ministry was to increase circularity in the Dutch agricultural system. Through the network, international collaboration and research could increase knowledge on CFS and its members could bring together and disseminate insights and lessons learned from different CFS around the world.

For the launch of the network, different case studies and abstracts were sent that illustrated vast examples of CFS and how these systems change throughout different regions of the world. Eleven of these abstracts were selected to write a short communication and present a video during the launch of the network. These short communications form the basis for this white paper, wherein we explore the different concepts of CFS, how CFS change from region to region and which opportunities are present to further develop CFS to contribute to sustainability in the agri-food system.

We would like to thank all authors of the abstracts and short communications for their contributions to this white paper and the network as a whole.

On behalf of the CFS Network team,
Flavia Casu, co-chair