CLIFF-GRADS 2020 Science Collaboration Webinar Series

A 2020 CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration Webinar Series was developed to facilitate technical capability building, knowledge transfer and international collaboration for the CLIFF-GRADS Alumni. Particularly for the Round 3 CLIFF-GRADS, whose research stays have been delayed due to international COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition to a series of special sessions with guest speakers, these webinars provide a platform for the Round 3 students to present their PhD research and research questions to their CLIFF-GRADS peers. Through establishing research connections, the CLIFF- GRADS Alumni network can connect internationally and across research institutes. Specifically, during a series of thematic sessions, the Round 3 students will have the opportunity to clarify their PhD research questions and/or research direction with their peers. The thematic sessions have been disaggregated into the following agricultural systems: i) integrated, ii) pastoral and agronomy, iii) ruminant, iv) rice and v) soil

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Special Session on the Science-Policy Interface

Thematic Session on Integrated Systems

Special Session on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Thematic Session on Pasture Systems and Agronomy

Special Session on Livestock MRV

Thematic Session on Ruminant Systems

Special Session on Global Agricultural Production and Emissions Trends

Thematic Session on Rice Systems

Special Session on the World Farmers Organisation Gymnasium Programme

Thematic Session on Soil Systems

Final Session on International Research Collaboration