CLIFF-GRADS Testimonials

“During my research training at the USDA-ARS Agriculture Research Station in Sidney, Montana, I learned about Gas Chromatography and how to convert N2O and CH4 to CO2 equivalent. Soil samples were collected using a hydraulic probe, which was done manually in my home institute. I was also exposed to preparation of gas sampling and analysis using a vacuum pump for vail evacuation.”

Alasinrin Sikiru Yusef (Nigeria, Federal University of Agriculture) was hosted in 2019 by USDA-ARS – USA

“In Pakistan, no one is working with the CQESTR model; as far as I am aware, I am the first to receive training on this model through the CLIFF-GRADS programme, and I am now able to use the model for my PhD research.”

Adnan Zahid (Pakistan, University of the Punjab) was hosted in 2019 by USDA-ARS – USA

“I was exposed to many instruments I had never used before, and I am deeply encouraged by the rigorous scientific attitude and open mind at Thünen-AK.”

“In addition to field experience, the R software statistic course I attended was also helpful for me for my statistical analysis, especially in dealing with large amounts of greenhouse gas data in the MESOCOSM system.”

Bo-Wen Zhang (China, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment) was hosted in 2019 by Thünen Institute – Germany

“I visited the cattle fields in the Balcarce Agricultural Experimental Station, to see the region’s most representative cattle breeds, managed pasture, machinery types, other animals, as well as soil, manure and conserved feed (hay and silage) management practices. I carefully observed the full supply chain, which is very important to understand and have an overview of livestock practices in [Argentina].”

Deysi Ruiz Llontop (Peru, National Agrarian University La Molina) was hosted in 2019 by INTA – Argentina

“This CLIFF-GRADS award is helpful to improve my research career and the skills I have gained are very useful for my country. We can’t conduct this project on our own [in Myanmar] because of a lack of research facilities and trained personnel.”

Lai Lai (Myanmar, University of Putra Malaysia) was hosted in 2019 by IRRI – Philippines

“My CLIFF-GRADS research stay was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, at so many levels. First, on an academic and professional level, discovering new technologies, techniques, ways of working, people, and through making working networks. At a personal level because it changes you, feeling that you are independent and capable of handling a big experiment in another country and in a different workplace. Being at Bangor University allowed me to travel, meet new people, live a new experience, and approach science differently.”

Monica Gabriela Perez (Argentina, University of Buenos Aires) was hosted in 2019 by Bangor University – UK

“I was exposed to one of the best soil science department teams in New Zealand at the Institute for Plant & Food Research. I learned how things operated in the research world. I worked with different soils that were unique and beyond my expertise, as I am familiar with the South African soil classification system.”

“I am grateful I got to learn a different method of quantifying soil C stock that is more accurate and easier with the right equipment. I was lucky to get help from a qualified statistician with the statistical analysis for my PhD data which was very helpful and informative. I also got to assist in writing a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal with high impact factor in my field.”

Ntwanano Moirah Malepfane (South Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal) was hosted in 2019 by Plant & Food Research – NZ

“Finally, I took the opportunity to learn a second language. I took Spanish classes while in Colombia. Even though, I did not master the language before leaving, it was a good step for me to make the best out of the opportunity. I will continue to learn Spanish wherever I am and am excited to use this in my science career.”

“I challenge future CLIFF-GRADS fellows to take advantage of the new environment to learn new cultures, visit tourists’ attractions and above all have a lot of fun. Feel at home and enjoy! If you find yourself in a country with a different language from yours, that’s a great opportunity for you to have a second language!”

Samuel Weniga Anuga (Ghana, University of Ghana) was hosted in 2019 by CIAT – Colombia