Croplands Research Group Annual Meeting Presentations 2020

The Croplands Annual Meeting is taking place virtually on December 9-10 2020.
Below are the pre-recorded presentations to be discussed in a series of Q/A’s during the meeting.

CRG Co-Chairs Update

Mark Liebig

CRG Co-Chairs Update

María Rosa Mosquera Losada

CRG Co-Chairs Update

Ladislau Martin Neto

GRA Secretariat Update 2020

Deborah Knox

Landscape Management of Agricultural Systems Network Update

Xunhua Zheng

Conservation Agriculture Network Update

Craig Drury

Agroforestry Network Update

Education and Activities Update

GRAMP Update


Croplands Research Database and Journal Map

Livia Olsen

Atmosphere Special Issue

CLIFF-GRADS Host, David Chadwick

CLIFF-GRADS Student, Gabriela Perez

CLIFF-GRADS Host, Michel Cavigelli

Argentina Country Update

Brazil Country Update

Canada Country Update

Indonesia Country Update

USA Country Update