September 4, 2020   •   News

CLIFF-GRADS 2020 SCIENCE COLLABORATION SERIES – Thematic Session on Integrated Systems

The first 2020 CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration series: Thematic Session, was held 26 August. The topic was “Integrated Systems” and was open to alumni of the CLIFF-GRADS programme.

CLIFF-GRADS Alumni (Mary Eyeniyeh Ngaiwi of Cameroon, Abdulhakeem Lawal Ahmad of Nigeria, Fernanda Leite of Brazil, and Sara Stephanie Valencia Salazar of Colombia) shared and discussed their PhD research with their peers. Of interest to the participants was the discussion of methodology development and in particular the Nitrous Oxide Chamber Methodology Guidelines. These provide internationally agreed reference guidelines for measuring N2O emissions using chamber methodologies to inform the production of quality N2O flux measurement data and improve inter-comparability between international studies. The session was hosted by Ciniro Costa Junior (CCAFS) and featured guest speaker, Dr. Todd Rosenstock, a Climate Change and Environmental Scientist with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). 

The thematic sessions occur every second week and provide an opportunity for Round 3 students to clarify their PhD research questions and/or research direction with their peers. The thematic sessions have been split into the following agricultural systems: i) integrated, ii) pastoral and agronomy, iii) ruminant, iv) rice and v) soil. These sessions emphasise student to student collaboration and are not open to CLIFF-GRADS hosts.

In addition to the thematic sessions, a series of special sessions with guest speakers explore the current science and policy challenges for agricultural greenhouse gas emission management. To register for upcoming webinars, please click here