October 28, 2020   •   News

CLIFF-GRADS 2020 Science Collaboration Series – Thematic Session on Pasture Systems and Agronomy

The second thematic student session of the 2020 CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration series was held 8 September 2020. The topic was “Pasture Systems and Agronomy” and was open to alumni of the CLIFF-GRADS programme.

The session featured guest speaker, Dr. Jacobo Arango, Environmental Biologist at the Tropical Forages Program at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). The following CLIFF-GRADS Alumni shared and discussed their PhD research with their peers;

  • Fabiano Alecrim of Brazil,
  • Gbênouwa Pénéloppe Thertulienne Gnavo of Benin,
  • Israel Oliveira Ramalho of Brazil,
  • Shimbahri Mesfin Gebreslase of Ethiopia, and
  • Vanina Maguire of Argentina.

Of interest to the participants were strategies for measuring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems and crop production. Participants discussed the trade offs between dietary manipulations and reducing emissions from enteric fermentation, nitrous oxide emission from nitrogen excreted onto pasture as manure and from altering growing patterns of nitrogen fixing crops.

Please listen to the recording for more!