August 28, 2020   •   News

Creating impact through collaboration: PROGRESSING PARTNERSHIPS WEBINAR SERIES 2020

The second of the three-part Progressing Partnerships webinar series – “Creating impact through collaboration” was held on 19 August 2020. The webinar was designed to provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the operations and future directions of the four GRA Research Groups and associated science networks of the GRA. Fifty-six participants from 34 countries, representing government agencies, universities, national and regional research institutions and development agencies, attended the webinar.

The webinar featured four topical expert facilitators (Jeroen Dijkman, Richard Dewhurst, Laure Tall and Richard Eckard) who not only shared their personal experiences in working with different stakeholders from both developed and developing countries but also highlighted the opportunities for research collaboration provided by the GRA’s four Research Groups (Croplands, Paddy Rice, Livestock and Integrative. Panel discussions focused on the benefits of active engagement in the research groups, funding opportunities and how member countries can effectively participate in research networks. The need for African researchers to be proactive and work together to develop initiatives that will bring us closer to achieving economic gains and food security while responding to climate change was emphasised.

This webinar was hosted by the GRA Secretariat in the context of the its continuing commitment to supporting developing countries to enhance their scientific capability and institutional capacity to estimate and track agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, as well as part of its efforts to build in-country leadership vital to the principles that underpin greenhouse gas inventories, NDCs and MRV processes.

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