March 30, 2022   •   News

EJP SOIL: Pre-announcements for funding calls & visiting scientist support

EJP SOIL have announced that the following three calls will be opening in April 2022.

EJP SOIL Second External Call – EJP SOIL International Call

This call will open in April 2022 with a closing date for proposals in September 2022. The objective of this call is to foster farm management practices, which contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. To achieve this aim, proposals submitted to this Call must address one of the following three topics:

Topic a: Soil restoration practices and managements for alleviating land degradation and supporting the agro-ecosystem functioning.

Topic b: Options to manage C, N and P cycling in the context of changing environmental conditions using data derived from benchmark farms.

Topic c: Developing innovative methods and sensing technologies to provide an integrated monitoring and mapping of farm management practices taking also into account physical attributes and vegetation characteristics relevant to SOC sequestration, soil health and degradation.

More information HERE.

Visiting Scientists Support

The visiting scientist support scheme offers the opportunity for researchers to gain access to the EJP SOIL infrastructure in order to carry out research visits in facilities of the EJP SOIL partners as well as in leading non-EJP SOIL institutions. EJP SOIL considers mobility between organizations to be an asset for the personal and career development of researchers. Such mobility strengthens inter-institutional collaboration and promotes the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to increased research creativity, efficacy and performance. The scheme targets junior (postdoc), mid- & senior level career scientists, technical and laboratory experts.

More information HERE.

EJP SOIL Third Internal Call

The overall objective of this 3rd internal call is to fund research projects open to EJP SOIL beneficiaries and linked third parties to fill research and development gaps identified by the “Roadmap for the European Joint Program SOIL” and the annual work program of the EJP SOIL for year three.

More information HERE.