May 9, 2022   •   News

Frontiers Research Topic “Finding Paths to Net-Zero Carbon in Climate-Smart Food Systems”

Submission deadline: 20 July 2022

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“The objective of this Research Topic is to update scientific knowledge and investigate nature-based carbon sequestration options. We would like to invite the submission of original research, review papers that aim at strengthening and expanding terrestrial carbon sinks. Although not limited, contributions on the following sub-topics will be welcome:

  • Cross-scale strategies to increase carbon sequestration in food production systems.
  • Synergies and tradeoffs between the need to increase food production and to strengthen terrestrial carbon sinks.
  • The potential of woodlands and grazing lands to increase carbon sequestration in biomass and soil.
  • Technological solutions to increase nature-based carbon sequestration processes in food production.
  • Sustainable intensification or agro-ecology as a way to increase carbon sinks in agricultural systems?

All submissions should address all three pillars of climate-smartness. Therefore, submissions that do not focus on trade-offs and synergies between mitigation, adaptation and productivity should assess the impacts of the net-zero technologies on those pillars.”

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