July 3, 2023   •   News

GRA Council Meeting 2023

The twelfth GRA Council meeting took place on 24-25 April 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

The meeting was attended by 50 people, including representatives from 21 countries and 11 partner organisations. Chile has now officially passed the Council Chair role to Spain, with South Africa accepting the Vice-Chair role.

The meeting included reports on the past year’s achievements from the GRA Special Representative, Research Groups, Flagship Projects and capability building programmes. A proposal for a new global Flagship Project, focused on agroecology and agroforestry was presented for approval. A new GRA Partner organisation was endorsed by the Council. The meeting also involved presentations on work underway in Spain, a discussion about the results of a survey of GRA members and a review of the current GRA Operational Plan.

Key outcomes of the meeting include:

  • New global Flagship Project approved during the meeting.
  • Global Methane Hub to be invited as an official GRA Partner.
  • Science to policy communication working group to be established.
  • Mediterranean Agriculture Network on GHG mitigation to be launched, led by CIHEAM.

The meeting report is now available to view by clicking HERE.