January 27, 2022   •   News

Increase the impact of your research with these science communications essentials

Being a successful scholar today requires scientists to deliver their insights beyond the academic community and show that their research has real-world value. But how can scientists better communicate their research, data and analysis? We ask this question in the first part of the 2022 CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration series and seek answers together with science communications experts.

The online event series kicked off with speaker Jonathan Schwabish, an economist and science communications expert at the Urban Institute, who shared his insights about the fundamentals of an effective science communication strategy. The topics he covered included content hierarchy, strategic planning, and audience analysis. He recently published the book “Elevate the debate: A multi-layered approach to communicating your research”, which served as the basis for discussions at the first session of our event series. This blog provides an overview of the main points from the event.

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