November 7, 2022   •   News

Job opportunities: 3 x Research Policy Roles

Spark Climate Solutions is a non-profit doing early climate solution field-building in neglected, high-climate-leverage fields. Spark currently focuses in the livestock methane emissions and natural methane emissions, and will add more areas as our team expands. Spark does not conduct its own research.

Spark is hiring a roadmapping scientistanalyst, and enteric methane program lead roles on its agriculture and ecology team to accelerate research support in these areas, and smooth the path to adoption of breakthrough innovations, working with the current Spark team. These positions are remote, but regular working hours overlap with the Pacific Time zone of the USA is necessary.

The Roadmapping Scientist or Roadmapping Analyst will develop a set of research and research policy recommendations and priorities based on substantial deep review through literature and conversation. They’ll communicate these results internally and externally.

The Enteric Methane Program Lead will drive strategic and collaborative efforts in field building, including spinning up new programs internal to Spark, with other organizations, and seeding new organizations where needed. They will be the face of Spark’s program to the non-profits, governments.