September 13, 2022   •   News

Job Opportunity: Microbiologist/ Soil Scientist/ Ecologist

Closing Date: 7 October 2022

Location: Beltsville, Maryland, USA

Note: Applicants must be US Citizens or US Nationals

This position is located in the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems Program in Beltsville, Maryland.

“In this position, you will lead national research efforts on agricultural soils and related systems and serve as a subject matter expert in all aspects of soils and soil management including soil ecology, soil biology and soil health.”


  • Provides leadership of national programs in agricultural soils, including soil processes and microbiology.
  • Supports national research programs in natural resources, sustainable agricultural systems, crop and animal production and protection, food safety and quality.
  • Provides technical guidance in research project development by early involvement in research planning.
  • Participates in the review of scientific manuscripts as a reviewer or designator of peer reviewer when problems arise, or strong differences of scientific opinion exist.
  • Serves as a co-leader for national research on soil and air in agricultural systems.
  • Leads and coordinates ARS research in the fields of soil ecology, including agricultural soil chemical, physical and biological “states” and processes.
  • Leads and coordinates diverse teams of scientists to achieve stated goals.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness and impact of major research programs and their constituent projects.
  • Establishes and maintains communication with ARS research leaders and non-ARS research organizations in the field of expertise to assure that ARS research programs are kept up-to-date scientifically.

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