April 28, 2021   •   News

Kick-off meeting for the Farm to Regional Scale Integration Network

As announced at the GRA Council Meeting 2021, a new co-lead for the farm to regional scale integration network was found: The agri benchmark network of the Thünen Institute of Farm Economics (Germany). Our core competence is the farm-level analysis with regards to crop and livestock production systems and their economics. For further insights please have a look at the attachment.

The new co-leads Claus Deblitz, Yelto Zimmer and Nina Grassnick warmly invite you to a 90-minutes virtual kick-off meeting on 25th or 28th of May 2021. The exact date and time will be decided by April 30th once we know who is interested and available.

We aim to discuss the following topics at the meeting:

1. Brief Introduction of participants

2. Short presentation of the agri benchmark network and its current activities regarding climate mitigation measures at the farm level

3. Round trip among participants about your interests and expectations regarding the farm to regional scale network of GRA. In particular, we would love to learn about your view on these questions:

(a)    Are you currently involved in research regarding farm-level strategies to mitigate GHG emissions?

(b)    If yes, what systems and options do you analyze?

(c)     Considering farm-level GHG mitigation strategies, what are in your opinion the most relevant topics for your country?

(d)    Are you aware of other institutions in your home countries that are interested in this kind of farm-level based research?

(e)    What are your expectations to us as the new leads of the network?

(f)      Are you using or do you know methods and databases for upscaling farm-level data to regional level?

4. Possible funding of the network’s work

If you are interested to join the kick-off meeting, please send an e-mail to [email protected] by April 30th indicating your preferred meeting date (25th or 28th of May).

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually in May!

The farm to regional scale network team