October 7, 2019   •   News

Postdoc Position: Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Manure

The Position
Aarhus University seeks a highly motivated postdoc with a background in microbiology and environmental sciences for a two-year position to address the research questions below:

1) Validate an in-vitro method for measurement of methane emissions, as basis for inventories and modelling of mitigation scenarios (European collaborative research “Manure management for methane mitigation – Improved inventory modelling to support policy actions”)

2) Explore a new method to exploit microbial methane oxidation in natural crust covers on manure storages (part of a comprehensive national study to investigate mitigation strategies for livestock production).

Further information
Manure storage is a main source of methane from livestock production, and methods to verify, predict and prevent emissions are urgently needed.

The successful candidate will work within a research environment that is specialised in nutrient management and environmental impacts of agriculture. Aarhus University has a long track record in studying the microbial ecology of greenhouse gas emissions from manure and soil. The research questions and technical solutions to be addressed were conceived on the basis of past research at the department.

Read more information about the position, including qualifications sought for the role here.

Applications close 31 October 2019 at 23:59 CET.