December 15, 2020   •   News

Postdoctoral position: Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has an open Postdoctoral position at their Uppsala Campus with the Department of Ecology.

The position is with the ecosystems ecology group for working on three tasks related to carbon sequestration in agricultural soils: A meta-analysis of data from long-term field experiment quantifying subsoil carbon stock change rates, and secondly, to synthesize soil carbon models that explicitly represent subsoil dynamics and evaluate their sensitivity to changes in stabilization mechanisms with depth. The third task is to evaluate soil carbon balances in three Norwegian long-term grassland experiments based on existing data. The first two tasks are related to Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of agricultural soils in Europe; CarboSeq”, an internal project within EGP Soil (https://projects.au.dk/ejpsoil/)which is a European research consortium targeting climate change adaption and mitigation, sustainable agricultural production, ecosystem services and restoration and prevention of land and soil degradation. The third task relates to a larger project on carbon sequestration in grassland (https://www.nibio.no/en/projects/carbon-storage-in-long-and-short-term-grasslands). The position provides excellent opportunities for networking with scientists in a large number of European countries.

For more information on this position and to apply visit the SLU website.