September 6, 2022   •   News

Recent CLIFF-GRADS publications

We are delighted to share the following links to recent publications from CLIFF-GRADS alumni. It is fantastic to see early career scientists building their capability, professional networks and extending their scientific expertise as a result of their overseas research stays.

Further publications which have resulted from the CLIFF-GRADS fellowships can be found here.

Tajamul Hussain, Pakistan: Project at Soil and Water Conservation Research Unit, USDA-ARS, USA

  • Hussain T, Gollany HT, Hussain N, Ahmed M, Tahir M and Duangpan S (2022) Synchronizing nitrogen fertilization and planting date to improve resource use efficiency, productivity, and profitability of upland rice Front. Plant Sci. 13:895811. LINK

Sebastián Vangeli, Argentina: Project at Rothamsted Research and Bangor University, United Kingdom

  • Vangeli S, Cardenas LM, Posse G, Chadwick DR, Krol DJ, Thorman RE, Lanigan GJ, Misselbrook TH. 2022. Revisiting sampling duration to estimate N2O emission factors for manure application and cattle excreta deposition for the UK and Ireland Journal of Environmental Management 322, 116037 LINK

Maria Eliza Turek, Brazil: Project at ISRIC, World Soil Information, Netherlands

  • Turek ME, Poggio L, Batjes NH, André Armindod R, de Jong van Lier Q, de Sousa L, Heuvelink GBM 2022. Global mapping of volumetric water retention at 100, 330 and 15 000 cm suction using the WoSIS database International Soil and Water Conservation Research In press LINK

Florencia Garcia, Argentina: Project at National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), Chile

  • Garcia F, Muñoz C, Martínez-Ferrerc J, Urrutia NL, Martínez ED, Saldivia M, Immig I, Kindermann M, Walker N, Ungerfeld EM. 2022. 3-Nitrooxypropanol substantially decreased enteric methane emissions of dairy cows fed true protein- or urea-containing diets Heliyon 8 (6), 2022, E09738 LINK

You can also check out a recent report from Funmilola Adebisi Oluwafemi’s (Nigeria) research stay in Hawassa University, Ethiopia relating to her project “Application of biochar and co-composted biochar from urban, agricultural and agro-industrial processing organic wastes: promising tool for climate smart agriculturehere.