September 30, 2020   •   News

Revised methodology guidelines for Nitrous Oxide measurement chambers

The Livestock Research Group guidelines for the use of nitrous oxide measurement chambers have been updated to account for the most recent knowledge and methodologies. The revised guidelines have been published in a special section of the Journal of Environmental Quality, freely available as open access.

The Global Research Alliance N2O chamber methodology guidelines are published as a series of papers covering the following topics:

  • Introduction, with health and safety considerations
  • Design considerations
  • Recommendations for deployment and accounting for sources of variability
  • Recommendations for air sample collection, storage, and analysis
  • Considerations for automated flux measurement
  • Flux calculations
  • Statistical considerations, emission factor calculation, and data reporting
  • Summary of modeling approaches
  • Guidelines for gap‐filling missing measurements

The Guidelines have been completed in collaboration by members of the Livestock Research Group from Australia, Chile, Denmark, New Zealand, The UK and the US.