September 12, 2019   •   News

Webinar Meeting: Monitoring Reporting Verification Methods for Soil Carbon

The CIRCASA project is glad to invite you to the Webinar Meeting “Monitoring reporting verification methods for soil carbon”. Presented by the French Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA)

Date: September 20, 2019, at 2:00 P.M (Paris UTC+2).

What is this webinar about?
During this Webinar, we will talk about the different existing methods to monitor soil carbon sequestration in France and at international level. You will learn about the carbon budget, remote sensing methodologies, limitations, and benefits of each methodology. 

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Jean-François Soussana – CIRCASA project Coordinator, INRA

Gecica Yogo – Soil Carbon engineer, INRA

Eric Ceschia – Senior scientist, CESBIO, INRA

Antonio Bispo – US InfoSol Director in link with GISSOL, INRA

More information about the Webinar can be found here

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