February 2, 2023   •   News

We welcome ANAPRI (registered as ReNAPRI) as a new GRA Partner

We are pleased to welcome the Africa Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ANAPRI), registered as ReNAPRI, as the newest formal Partner of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases!

Headquartered in Zambia, ANAPRI’s vision is to be a dynamic Pan-African network of universally recognized national agricultural policy research institutes that generate relevant and high-quality evidence, to guide and inform effective policy decisions that promote sustainable solutions across the continent.

ANAPRI’s mission is to play an active role in transforming Africa’s agricultural sector by developing the capacity of national agricultural policy research Institutes in the continent, strengthening, and nurturing dynamic collaboration, towards providing objective and innovative policy advice to national, regional, and continental level stakeholders, through effective outreach.

Of particular relevance to the GRA, ANAPRI is currently coordinating the USAID and African Union Commission supported project CACCI (Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative), which aims to help countries that have ratified the Paris Agreement to adapt and build resilience to the effects of climate change. The programme will build local and regional capacity, and institutional infrastructure, and develop an Africa-wide accountability platform that not only informs debate at the continental level, but also informs global discussion on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We are delighted that ANAPRI, as a GRA partner, is looking forward to engaging with GRA members to explore potential joint opportunities and co-development of future work plans.

Check out the ANAPRI website here: https://www.renapri.org/