April 28, 2022   •   News

Welcome to EDF as a new GRA Partner

We are pleased to welcome Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) as the newest formal Partner of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases!

EDF has significant experience working with farmers, policymakers, and companies to advance and scale climate-smart agriculture in the U.S., China, India, and the EU. This includes working closely with industry-leading agricultural and food companies to develop innovative solutions, scale climate-smart practices, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across supply chains.

EDF’s Climate-Smart Agriculture initiative aims to put farmers at the center of climate adaptation and mitigation and embed principles of a just rural transition by focusing on productivity and technological solutions that work for all farmers. This includes cutting greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and increasing science-based opportunities for carbon storage in agricultural soils and temperate forests

We are delighted that EDF, as a GRA partner, is looking forward to engaging with GRA members and sharing its experience and expertise in the agricultural sector in furtherance of GRA activities.