March 1, 2024   •   News

Workshop: Developing Carbon Monitoring Capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean

FONTAGRO/ MPI project ‘Soil carbon sequestration opportunities in LAC’

In the framework of the project “Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Latin American and Caribbean Soils,” a workshop is being held in Guápiles, Costa Rica, to develop capacities for long-term monitoring of soil organic carbon stocks. From February 28th to March 1st, scientists from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica are gathering to discuss project advancements and the latest methodologies in geospatial sampling of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).

This project is funded by FONTAGRO and the Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand through the Global Research Alliance, as part of a longstanding partnership. The project aims to identify and evaluate different strategies for intensifying agricultural and livestock production systems in LAC with potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Its focus is on strengthening countries’ capacities to design appropriate mitigation actions through carbon sequestration in agricultural soils.