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May 24, 2024   •   News

24 May 2024 (GMT +13)

The GRA Agricultural Inventory Training Programme (GRAIT) streamlines current agricultural inventory capacity building initiatives under the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement.

It achieves this through leveraging the GRA’s collaborative ethos across its network of member countries, partner organisations, scientists and policy personnel. It is a coordination initiative that aims to accelerate the development of robust agricultural inventory systems in developing countries by:

• Providing readily accessible information on past, present and future agricultural GHG inventory capability building programmes so that new training programmes are built on existing work,
• Encouraging greater funder-funder collaboration when developing and delivering new training initiatives, and
• Providing a platform to identify and promote new funding and training opportunities.

We welcome you to join us in person or online for the launch of GRAIT on 24 May. Please see the attached agenda which also includes the link to join in online HERE.

May 24, 2024   •   News


Experts discuss the food safety implications of environmental inhibitors in agrifood systems

The webinar Food safety implications from the use of environmental inhibitors in agrifood systems, hosted by FAO, took place on 10 May 2024. The event aimed to stimulate discussion on the food safety aspects that need to be considered and addressed when using environmental inhibitors in agrifood systems.

Find out more and watch the recording HERE.

May 21, 2024   •   News

The May 2024 issue of Who’s Counting, the Inventories and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Network Newsletter is now available to view HERE.

Who’s Counting summarises scientific progress, opportunities, resources and events related to national agriculture inventory development, national agriculture climate targets, and international inventory capability-building activities.

We encourage you to directly submit content for the next Issue of Who’s Count

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