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February 2, 2016   •   News

Reducing enteric methane for improving food security and livelihoods

A new brochure is now available on the collaborative project between the GRA and the FAO “reducing enteric methane for improving food security and livelihoods”.  This project is identifying the best options to available to farmers now that can use to improve the productivity of their ruminant livestock and reduce the amount of enteric methane these animals produce.

Read the brochure to learn more about how this project is developing regionally appropriate packages of on-farm practices and interventions and understanding how these packages are best shared with farmers.


January 28, 2016   •   News

A series of webinars are being held to share the outcomes of the UK-led project “Scoping the potential for Earth Observation (EO) to provide agricultural activity data for inventory compilation”. This project supports the aims of the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.

Click here for more information, including the agenda





January 14, 2016   •   News

mapSweden’s EviEM has published a comprehensive database of all research from boreo-temperate ecosystems investigating the impacts of different agricultural management practices on soil organic carbon. Research covering a wide variety of different management practices, including soil amendments (such as lime addition, stubble retention, etc.), crop rotations, fertiliser application (organic and inorganic), and tillage (including reduced/conservation tillage and no tillage) has been categorised. The information has been published as a systematic map, comprised of a report describing the processes behind the review, a database of studies with columns of various descriptive information, and a geographical information system (GIS) that displays the database in an interactive cartographical map.

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