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November 20, 2015   •   News

Integration of climate change in national strategies, policies and practices for agriculture: sustainable research for global food production.

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Opening Speech by Professor Rudy Rabbinge

(Departing Chair of GRA, on behalf of USA Chair) Watch video

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In cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Turkey, the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases organised a regional GRA engagement workshop this year on November 18 -19the in Izmir, Turkey.  

Turkey workshop

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • familiarize non-member countries with the work and achievements of the GRA
  • create an opportunity for discussions on the key issues facing eastern Mediterranean and Central Asian countries, with respect to agriculture and climate change
  • explore further cooperation and GRA membership opportunities

Target groups for the workshop were the regional Ministries responsible for agriculture and the main research institutions dealing with agricultural sciences, including aspects related to climate change, greenhouse gases and food security.

Downloads available:

Presentation slides

“Climate Smart Food Security”_Martin Scholten

“Food Security & Climate Change”_Fred Snijders

“Making the GRA Work”_Matt Hooper

“Soil Carbon & Nitrogren Cycling (SCNC)”_Jean-François Soussana

“Actions for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change of Livestock Sector in the Mediterranean Area”_Giacomo Pirlo

Summary Documents

Supporting documents

SCNC_Research Group Summary

Other documents


GRA Charter

Evaluation form


52 participants from 21 countries: GRA Engagement Workshop Izmir, Turkey 18-19 November 2015

52 participants from 21 countries: GRA Engagement Workshop Izmir, Turkey 18-19 November 2015

November 4, 2015   •   News

The 8th meeting of the Livestock Research group will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 19-20 February 2016, immediately following the sixth international Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture (GGAA) conference (14-18 February). Several LRG research Networks are planning to hold meetings on the days before the conference. 

November 2, 2015   •   News

Out Now – UK Agri-Science & Innovation Newsletter Issue 4, supporting international actions to mitigate agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

The October 2015 newsletter covering UK activities to support the GRA covers the launch of the Global Research Alliance Modelling Platform (GRAMP) website, recent meeting of the Livestock Research Group Networks in the UK and the completion of a survey by GRA member countries regarding the use of earth observation to provide agricultural activity data for inventory compilation.

Previous issues of the newsletter and more information on UK GRA activities can be found on the UK country page.