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December 23, 2016   •   News

The Global Research Alliance would like to wish all our Members, Partners and friends a happy holiday season.



December 23, 2016   •   News

The 2017 meeting of the Livestock Research Group (LRG) will be hosted by the United States Government at the USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture (NIFA) Waterfront Centre in Washington DC on 11-12 April 2017.

The meeting will be structured to explore the flagship programmes of relevance to the LRG that were adopted by the Council meeting in October 2016 – enteric methane mitigation, soil carbon and GHG inventories.

December 23, 2016   •   News

Update: View the provisional agenda for the meeting here

The first meeting of the Integrative Research Group (IRG) will be held 19-20 January 2017 in Rome, Italy, at the Italian Research Centre for soil-Plant System studies (CREA-RPS).

This meeting will be the opportunity to review on-going activities of member countries and associated partners and to discuss the work of the IRG and its five research networks. The meeting will be an important milestone for the development of two flagships: Soil carbon sequestration and GHG inventories.