September 21, 2021   •   News

This pre-COP26 roundtable explores how Indigenous youth have perceived and experienced the COVID-19 crisis, including how this crisis has compounded the pre-existing pressures of climate change on their food systems.

During the roundtable, Indigenous youth-led initiatives are presented to highlight the importance of adopting integrated approaches to issues of health, climate change and food systems. The side event is based on the recent FAO publication “Indigenous youth as agents of change – Actions of Indigenous youth in local food systems during times of adversity”, a document that demonstrates how Indigenous youth-led initiatives have enhanced resilience in their communities during times of adversity. With this side-event, FAO aims to provide space for Indigenous youth to share their experiences with policymakers who are responsible for international decisions that impact the livelihoods of Indigenous youth.

Veronica Ellis (Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand) will be giving a keynote speech, including an update on GRA activities in this space.

Time: 14:30-16:30 (CET). Further information and registration details here.

This webinar is part of the FAO Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture. Co-organizers include: The Center for Native American Youth, Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, YOUNGO.

September 21, 2021   •   News

The 8th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference (GGAA) will be held 5 – 10 June 2022 in person in Orlando, Florida, USA and online.

GGAA is attended by more than 400 delegates from over 40 countries. The conference will feature six prominent keynote speakers and a series of pre-conference workshops with an attendance limited to approximately 30 delegates per workshop. Meetings of the Global Research Alliance on Agriculture Greenhouse Gases will be hosted after the conference to enhance international research and networking. These meetings will include: 1) the Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics Network; 2) the Manure Management Network; 3) the Animal Health and GHG Emissions Intensity Network; 4) the Feed and Nutrition Network; and 5) the Rumen Microbial Genomics Network.

The meeting aims to present the latest research on the mitigation of greenhouse gases, measurement and modeling, as well as to discuss on-farm practices and policies to address the challenges associated with agricultural practices and their impact on greenhouse gases. The conference will feature highly respected and internationally renowned speakers, who will review the state of the art and present significant new developments in the field. Delegates will have the opportunity to publish their abstracts in the conference proceedings.

Visit the conference website for more information, abstracts must be submitted online by Friday 5 November 2021. Registration opens early December 2021.

September 15, 2021   •   News

The international conference “[email protected]: Living within planetary boundaries – Biomass as the base of our future circular society” will be held 6 – 8 December 2021 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

[email protected] will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of current knowledge about a circular, bio-based society. At the conference participants not only can listen to relevant and impactful keynotes, but they can also actually experience the circular challenge themselves by participating in masterclasses, attending relevant sessions and obtaining inspiration by visiting the most innovative circular companies in the Netherlands. Ultimately [email protected] aims to provide pathways to accelerate the transition towards a circular bio-based society ensuring climate restoration.

Visit the conference website to register (early registration until 30 September 2021), abstracts must be submitted by 19 September 2021.

Download the [email protected] flyer.

This conference aligns with the GRA-IRG Circular Food Systems network.