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Costa Rica joined the GRA in June 2011. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock oversees Costa Rica’s participation in the GRA, and the work is carried out through INTA – the National Institute of Agricultural Innovation, Transfer and Technology.

Overview of Agriculture in Costa Rica

  • The livestock sector represents the 28.6% of total GHG emissions of the country
  • 4% of the country land is under permanent pastures from which 53.3% are classified as improved pastures
  • 6% of the country total forest area is located on cattle farms
  • 90% of farmers in the country are small scale producers

Costa Rica’s National Strategy for Low Carbon Emissions

  • Economic efficiency: Sustainable intensification, compliance with national targets for livestock productivity
  • Mitigation and adaption: The current proposal for Costa Rica’s Livestock NAMA aims at generating 834 thousand tCO2 eq of reduced emissions annually by 2021.

The full implementation of the NAMA coud product an estimated 13 million tCO2eq of reduced emissions by 2030.

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Giovanna Stark

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock