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The share of the reporting sector Agriculture in Finland’s total GHG emissions is about 10% but together with the emissions from croplands, grasslands and agricultural energy use, the agricultural emissions cover about 20% of the total. As a member of the European Union, Finland is committed to reduce GHG emissions from the non-emission trading sectors by 16% in 2005-2020. This target has been allocated to the different sectors of which agriculture has the aim to mitigate 13% of the emission level of 2005.

Finland is represented in the Alliance through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Finland has named representatives to the Livestock and Croplands Research groups. Due to the high importance of GHG emissions originating from cultivated peat soils in Northern European conditions, Finland promoted the establishment of the Peatlands subgroup and is the co-chair of this group.

MeasuinrgMeasuring greenhouse gas emissions in winter

Alliance Contacts

Veli-Pekka Reskola

Alliance Council, National Coordinator

Senior Officer Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Matti Pastell

Livestock Research Group

Senior Research Scientist


Sari Luostarinen

Livestock Research Group / Manure Management Network

Principal Research Scientist


Professor Kristiina Regina

Croplands Research Group


Contribution to the Research Groups

Contribution to the Research Groups

Livestock Research Group

The LRG promotes ways to improve the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of livestock production systems. The LRG work plan is split into six sections and covers stocktake activities, research networks & databases, collaborative research projects, capability building, technical information & knowledge, and policy support & international initiatives.

Finland is involved in the following activities in the Livestock Research Group:

  1. Research Networks
    • Manure Management Network: Finland is sharing data for the manure management mapping initiative and also supports the initiative on elucidating the mitigation potential of biogas plants. Finland is also looking into other opportunities for co-operation via the network and actively works on developing the Finnish manure management system and all manure-related data collection and use.

Croplands Research Group

The Croplands Research Group is focused on reducing the greenhouse gas intensity, and improving the overall production efficiency, of cropland systems. The Group is working to find ways to limit the losses of valuable carbon and nitrogen from crops and soils to the atmosphere, and to transfer that knowledge and technologies to croplands farmers, land managers and policy makers around the world.
Finland is involved in the following Croplands activities:

  1.  Managing the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Network (MAGGnet): Finland is involved in the data collection for the metadata synopsis of the network.
  2. Peatlands subgroup: Finland initiated and the group published a paper on GHG mitigation policies in 2015.

Regina K., Budiman A., Greve M., Grønlund A., Kasimir-Klemedtsson Å, Lehtonen H., Petersen S.O., Smith P., Wösten H.. (2015) Greenhouse gas mitigation of agricultural peatlands requires coherent policies. Climate Policy DOI: 10.1080/14693062.2015.1022854