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Webinar: Kohimarama – Indigenous Resilience to Climate Change in Mexico

September 28, 2022 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm NZDT

The Kohimarama Initiative seeks to share stories of indigenous resilience and leadership in navigating climate change, seeking to empower indigenous youth to create their way to a sustainable future.

Register HERE for the virtual workshop on climate change adaptation and mitigation in New Zealand and Mexico.

Webinar Speakers:

Professor. Aurora Xolalpa Aroche (Career Research Professor of UIMQRoo @Mayan University)
Intercultural university model of working trough community diagnosis. A program where students return to their communities once a year to understand the challenges and generate solutions together, integrating traditional knowledge with occidental teaching.

Carlos Ucam Yam (@Mayan University)
It is a look through time in which the dream of an indigenous man materializes. Introducing a syntropic system enriched by the Mayan local culture, the re-evaluation of spaces, local biodiversity and traditional practices to achieve a synergy with scientific knowledge and face the current adversities to ensure food security.

Mayolo Hernández Hernández (Agroecologist Engineer and an elder member of the indigenous Náhuatl people of the Sierra Norte de Puebla @Bioma Foundation)
His focus is on National biodiversity and Agro-forestry systems in the context building a resilient local economy.

Paulina Garrrido Bonilla (President @Bioma Foundation)
Improving the quality of life of people in marginalized and vulnerable areas. Paulina will build on Mayolo’s presentation with an example of coffee growers in Puebla.