Farm To Regional Scale Integration Network Webinar, Nov 2021

The “Carbon farming with no-till and straw incorporation – A reality check” webinar was organized by agri benchmark Cash Crop and the GRA Farm to Regional Scale Integration Network on 16 November 2021.

114.000.000 – this is the number of hits when you enter the words “Carbon Farming” into Google. A lot of people talk about this topic – often with very high expectations. Growers are expecting a new substantial source of income, while environmentalists and policy makers are hoping for the adoption of effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

However, the question is: how reasonable are these expectations in the light of latest research results? Is it really possible to increase soil organic carbon substantially by adopting no-till and by incorporating straw?

We are happy to introduce you two well-known soil scientists who will provide us with an overview on these topics based on their own research along with findings generated by others:

– Mark Liebig, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, USA. Co-Chair of Croplands Research Group of the GRA.

– Axel Don, Deputy Director of the Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture, Thünen Institute, Germany.

The webinar recording and slide presentations can be viewed below and in the panel to the right.

FRS Network Webinar - 16 Nov 2021