July 13, 2011   •   News

Further media coverage of the Global Research Alliance Ministerial Summit

Voice of America article on the aims of the Alliance to meet food and climate change concerns “We’re bringing together two big ideas here. The world’s got to produce a whole truckload of more food in the next 30 years to feed three billion more people that are going to be on the planet…. And we’ve got to try and reduce the emissions intensity of that,” said Tim Groser, New Zealand’s minister of trade, who’s also responsible for the country’s climate change negotiations. Read the full article

The Wall Street Journal links the Global Research Alliance with a speech made by Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations. “Climate change is estimated to have increased the global food bill by $50 billion a year. Mr. Carter argues that science will be able to deliver where politics has failed: to devise a global approach to tackling food security and climate change, two of the world’s most pressing issues” Read the full article

Farming First reports on the Ministerial Summit and the Launch of the Latin America Research Partnership funded to meet the goals of the Alliance.

The New Agriculturalist posts a news article on the Ministerial Summit “The reality is that globally, not enough research has been focused on reducing agruicultural greenhouse gases, compared to other sectors such as energy and transport. The Alliance changes this.” Read the full article