May 30, 2019   •   News

OECD Sponsorship

A great opportunity for funding in 2020 is now available from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Call for Applications for Funding in 2020

Are you working on…

• the productivity, sustainability and resilience of agricultural production or food systems?

• new genetic technologies, big data, AI, block chain and the digital economy in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food systems? Or policy instruments to encourage their take up?

• the future of livestock and meat production? Or the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture, including their economic and social dimensions?

• changing biodiversity and ecosystem services supporting the productivity of agricultural ecosystems?

• the impacts of invasive species and climate change on global food production and trade?


Would you like to…

• Visit a lab in another country to establish new collaborative links?

• Expand your research through a short stay in a foreign country?

• Start an international research network?



• Are you organising an international conference or workshop?


Need some financial help?

How about applying for an OECD Co-operative Research Programme (CRP) fellowship award or international conference sponsorship?

Please click here for more information, including how to apply

Please click here for an overview of the OECD Co-operative Research Programme