October 1, 2012   •   News

Summary of the Manure Management Network Workshop

The Manure Management Network (MMN) of the Alliance’s Livestock Research Group has meet for the first time at a workshop in Rome, Italy. The MMN is one of five networks that coordinate activities around specific topics relating to issues that concern the Livestock Research Group.

Participants attended from 12 Alliance member countries and were joined by invited guests from the FAO Livestock Dialogue programme to discuss the work plan of the network, and connections with FAO activities. The participants identified several activities that the network would undertake in the coming year including the development of guidelines for measuring emissions from manure, identification of mitigation options with an economic evaluation for each alignment of network activities to the Manure kiosk and pilot projects of the FAO Livestock Dialogue.

A short summary report and further information about this network can be found on the Livestock Research Group research networks and databases page.