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08/09/2017 - 09/09/2017

Harpenden, UK

March 2, 2017   •   News

A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield have used a specific UK mill and bakery as a model for the environmental cost of producing a loaf of bread.

They collected and analysed data for emissions involved at every step of the process, including growing the wheat, fertilising it, harvesting the crop, transporting the grains to the mill, grinding the grains into flour, transporting the flour to a bakery and then baking and packaging a loaf of bread. Many stages were energy intensive and involved with emissions — for example, the machinery involved with tilling the soil, harvesting, and irrigation, or the electricity required to operate the mill and the bakery. But the vast majority of emissions — nearly 66 percent — came from growing wheat, with 40 percent attributable just to the use of ammonium nitrate fertilisers.

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February 28, 2017   •   News

A call for abstracts has been announced ahead of the 6th Symposium on Soil Organic Matter to be held 3-7 September 2017 in Harpenden, UK.

Abstracts are invited for the following themes:

• Session 1: Global Perspectives (invited speakers only)
• Session 2: Modelling SOM: from soil pore to climate change
• Session 3: Methods 1: Visualising SOM
• Session 4: Methods 2: Quantifying pools and fluxes of SOM
• Session 5: Soil Health 1: Biological interactions
• Session 6: Soil Health 2: The role of decomposition
• Session 7: SOM as Natural Capital

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 April 2017.

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Find information on submitting abstracts here

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Visit the conference website:

Enquiries: +49 3641 31 16-366 or email [email protected]

January 26, 2017   •   News

A Research Associate position is being offered in the Agriculture, Food & Rural Development department at Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

This position will help enhance the sustainability of non-ruminant livestock systems by improving their efficiency whilst taking into account new development in breeding and feeding such livestock. Specific responsibilities will include:

  • leading activities on environmental impact assessment and simulation modelling of nutrient flows in livestock systems
  • using initiative and creativity to develop existing or new simulation agri-environmental models
  • using models to answer specific research questions, eg ‘How do we feed new livestock genotypes to reduce environmental impact’?

The candidate will need to have an awarded PhD in a relevant area of science (biological or environmental impact modelling/assessment), clear understanding of simulation modelling of environmental input or biological processes, and experience of understanding agri-environmental research.

The post is available fixed term and full time for 30 months from 01.03.2017, with a salary of 29,943 pounds (progression to 38,183 pounds).

Click here for the position description and information.

Click here to visit the university’s website.


Closing date 19 February 2017. Application information at
August 8, 2016   •   News

Issue 5 of the UK’s Agri-Science and Innovation Newsletter is now available to download.

The newsletter communicates the UK’s participation in the Global Research Alliance through the UK Government’s investment in the UK Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Platform (, including UK participation at Alliance Research Group meetings, Alliance activities and networks being led by the UK and participation at capacity building workshops and network meetings by UK scientists.

For more information on the UK’s participation in the Global Research Alliance please see their country page at  UK Science & Innovation Issue 5 graphic

August 4, 2016   •   News

A series of webinars took place earlier this year to share the outcomes of the UK-led project “Scoping the potential for Earth Observation to provide agricultural activity data for inventory compilation”.

For those that couldn’t attend, the webinars were recorded and are now available to view online:

Handouts for each webinar topic are available for download


If you have any comments or questions please use the contact details provided in the handouts.Earth Observation webinar


January 28, 2016   •   Events

29/02/2016 - 29/02/2016

International (webinars)

UK Earth Observation Webinar brochure

November 2, 2015   •   News

Out Now – UK Agri-Science & Innovation Newsletter Issue 4, supporting international actions to mitigate agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

The October 2015 newsletter covering UK activities to support the GRA covers the launch of the Global Research Alliance Modelling Platform (GRAMP) website, recent meeting of the Livestock Research Group Networks in the UK and the completion of a survey by GRA member countries regarding the use of earth observation to provide agricultural activity data for inventory compilation.

Previous issues of the newsletter and more information on UK GRA activities can be found on the UK country page.