Circular Food Systems Network Webinar, Sept 2023

A recording of the Circular Food Systems Network webinar from 15th September 2023 titled “Indicators to measure circularity: developments & considerations” is now available to view below. The presentation slides can also be downloaded from the panel on the right hand side.

This webinar brought together experts to focus on the development and considerations of indicators to measure circularity. The following questions were discussed: can we measure circularity? How would we do that? What are the limitations of using indicators? Are there alternatives to measure circularity of a food system? How important is it to measure circularity – is it necessary or does it defeat the purpose of circularity in food systems?

The webinar included the following:

  • Short introduction and presentation of the whitepaper ‘Circular Food Systems around the world’ – by Flavia Casu
  • Three presentations of projects funded by the CFS Network
    • Circularity in Integrated Systems: Resource Recovery for Feed, Fuel and (Organic) Fertilizer Self-sufficiency in Ethiopia – by Carlos Brazao Alho
    • Benchmarking nutrient circularity at different scales: Using a food systems perspective – by Marloes van Loon
    • A holistic framework for assessment of circular food systems – by Vicki Burggraaf
  • Panel discussion with the project leaders to discuss (the need for) indicators (and possible alternatives) to measure circularity.

CFS Network Webinar - 15 Sept 2023