I&NDC Network Webinar Series: Session 1, May 2022

The first session of the Inventories and NDC (I&NDC) Network 2022 Webinar Series titled “The policy relevance of national GHG inventories in guiding mitigation for agriculture” was held on 24 May 2022.

This webinar brought together leading experts and industry stakeholders to discuss the relevance of national agriculture inventories in guiding policy decisions and questions including:

  • Why are agriculture GHG inventories so crucial for policy decisions?
  • How can industry organisations and the inventory work together?
  • What is the relationship between climate finance, research, and national agriculture inventories?

Listen to the speakers discuss the political dimension of inventories in the context of decisions on agriculture emission mitigation policies, determination of national emission targets, sector goals for voluntary or mandated emission targets and more.

Speaker biographies can be found here.

I&NDC Webinar - 24 May 2022