The GRA Inventories and NDC Network aims to improve the quality of national greenhouse gas inventories and agricultural NDC’s, through effective communication of relevant information and training opportunities, and by better connecting governments and decision makers to the relevant experts.

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About the Network

In the context of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, national greenhouse gas inventories remain a critical tool linking policy with mitigation efforts. However, many countries encounter significant challenges due to a lack of relevant data or the complete absence of data necessary to further develop their inventories. Unfortunately, only a handful of developing countries currently conduct a Tier 2 methodology for any aspect of their agriculture sector.

Moreover, the increases in agricultural productivity and efficiency in developing nations are often unable to be reflected in their national inventories due to the simplified reporting. Additionally, this means that they are also unable to measure and report the impact of mitigation technologies.

The objective of the Network is to facilitate international and national connections among organisations, research institutes, and governments. This collaboration aims to make technical agricultural inventory expertise accessible, shared, and informative for inventory development and setting of ambitious NDC’s which include agricultural actions.

The Network shares new scientific information, knowledge, data, and inventory methodologies to identify priorities for collaboration. These efforts are aimed at improving the accuracy, comparability, completeness, consistency, and transparency of emission trends and potential emission reduction resulting from mitigation actions and farming practices.

The Network will focus on:

  • Increasing access to methods to improve the collection of activity data for emission estimates as well as inform the collection of greenhouse gas emission data where it has not previously been collected;
  • providing technical support and training, for capacity building and knowledge transfer;
  • building upon existing shared databases and developing new platforms where necessary;
  • building in-country capability and avoiding international consultancy.


The Inventories and NDC Network comprises of 450 plus members that come from over 135 countries and 12 partners.



Global Research Alliance – Agricultural Inventory Training Programme (GRAIT)

GRAIT is a programme that New Zealand, in support of the GRA, is developing to better coordination in the global capability building training work to utilise resources more effectively, reduce burden on developing countries, and avoid duplication of work. Please download the brochure HERE. If you are interested in being part of the GRAIT programme, and helping develop the programme concept further, please contact Dr Andrea Pickering ([email protected]) to further discuss this opportunity.

Helping to move to higher tiers for agricultural inventories.

The New Zealand Government, in support of the GRA, is providing support for developing countries to move towards Tier 2 Inventories. This will strengthen countries’ capabilities to identify, plan and implement measures that meet national objectives for livestock development, climate change adaptation and GHG mitigation. More accurate GHG inventories are a key tool for identifying and tracking the effects of policies and measures, including mitigation co-benefits of adaptation.

For nearly 20 years New Zealand has been helping train countries to produce their agricultural GHG Inventories and move to more complex inventory methodologies. A recent increase in funding through the New Zealand Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Initiative has meant that New Zealand can help more countries than ever before to increase their capacity in calculating their agricultural GHG emissions using a Tier 2 methodology. Current countries include Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa; and Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam in ASEAN. The New Zealand CSA Initiative is looking to expand into Latin America and the Caribbean over the coming year. Other countries that the New Zealand government is currently supporting to move to higher tiered Inventories include Fiji, Ghana, Samoa and Senegal.

New Zealand is always looking for other countries and organisations to collaborate with in this space. If you are interested in knowing more about New Zealand’s past, present or future capability building work, please contact [email protected].

GRA resources

Much of the work carried out by the GRA Research Groups directly relates to the improvement of national inventories and supporting NDC’s. For further information on these activities can be found under the relevant Research Group pages.

The Livestock Research Group (LRG):

Paddy Rice Research Group (PRRG): 

Awards and Fellowships

Please see this page for the various awards and fellowships offered in support of the GRA. These opportunities can help build the capability of countries to support national inventory development and NDC reporting.

Awards and Fellowships


For more information on the Inventories and NDC Network, please contact us via [email protected].