New tools for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of GHG Mitigation in Rice

This webinar was co-hosted by the GRA’s Paddy Rice Research Group and the International Rice Research Institute to promote the application of new monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) tools in rice production for planning and implementing cost-effective mitigation programs, contributing to achieving countries’ Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets. A recording of the webinar and a brief agenda can be found below. The presentations can also be found on the right side.

Welcome and IntroductionGRA PRRG Co-chairs
Overview of new tools Introduction to GHG calculator tool – SECTORBjoern Ole Sander, IRRI
Carbon Footprint analysis along the rice value chain – DISPLAYKatie Nelson, IRRI
Mapping suitability area for Alternate Wetting and Drying irrigation – MapAWDBui Tan Yen, IRRI
Cost-benefit analysis tool – COMPARELincoln Davis, UNIQUE
Summary of feedback and wrap-upBjoern Ole Sander, IRRI