February 23, 2015   •   News

Research opportunities in NZ for developing countries / GRA Member countries

The New Zealand Livestock Emissions and Abatement Research Network (LEARN) provides training and research opportunities throughout the year to support developing countries in New Zealand. The LEARN Technician Award provides funds for up to 6 months to train a qualified or experienced technician from a developing country in agricultural GHG emissions measurement techniques. The LEARN Co-Funded PhD provides a maximum 3-year stipend for a co-funded PhD candidate researching livestock GHG emissions mitigation. The LEARN Postdoctoral Fellow provides a recent PhD graduate with 1-2 years’ funding in livestock GHG emissions mitigation research.

For GRA Member countries, the LEARN Global Research Alliance Senior Scientist (GRASS) Award provides 6 weeks-6months’ funds for extended exchanges between NZ scientists and scientists from other Alliance member countries in accordance with the mission and objectives of LEARN and the GRA.

All posts are held in New Zealand. Application forms are assessed on a quarterly basis, with the next round closing April 30th.

More information at http://www.livestockemissions.net/